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69 Libros Redes Sociales Ingles

69 Libros de Redes Sociales en Inglés

01. The new rules os viral marketing (David Meerman Scott)
02. Podcast marketing ebook (Christopher Penn)
03. Social web analytics (Social Web Analytics)
04. Masters of marketing (Starup Internet Marketing)
05. Get viral get visitors (Stacie MAhoe)
06. Geeks guide to promoting yourself with Twitter (Geekpreneur)
07. The zen of blogging (Hunter Nutall)
08. A primer in social media (Smash Lab)
09. SEO for WordPress blogs (Blizzard Internet)
10. The essencial guide of social media (Brian Solis)
11. The word of mouth manual - vol. II (Dave Balter)
12. Time management for creative people (Mark McGuinness)
13. Social media: your organisation and web 2.0 (Trevor Cook e Lee Hopkins)
14. Cyberpunk 2.0: fiction and contemporary (Herlander Elias)
15. The impact of digital on journalism in Latin America (Guillermo Franco)
16. What matters now (Seth Godin)
17. Red kayaks and hidden gold: citizen journalism (John Kelly)  
18. Science and the media (Donald Kennedy e Overholser Ginebra)
19. New media makers (Jan Schaffer´s)
20. Social media marketing GPS (Toby Bloomber)
21. Four hour sleep week (HotBlogTips)
22. Communicate better with social media marketing (AuthorityDomains.com)
23. From stats to strats (Bonsai Interactive Marketing)  
24. Fishing where te fish are (Chris Brogan)  
25. The art of corporate blogging (Radian6)
26. The art of community (Jono Bacon)
27. Let´s Talk: social media for small business (John Jantsch)
28. Customer service: the art of listening and engagement (Brian Solis)
29. Taking your talent to the web (Jeffrey Zeldman)
30. Web designer´s success guide (Kevin Airgid)
31. Designing for the web (Mark Boulton)
32. Design your imagination (WebGuru India)
33. Time management for creative people (Mark McGuinness)
34. Web style guide (WebStyleGuide)
35. Pure design (Mário Garcia)  
36. Strategy of giving (Miika Leinonen)  
37. The future of ideas (Lawrence Lessing)
38. A beginners guide to social media (Simply Zesty)
39. 50 innovative social media campaigns (Simply Zesty)
40. The future of repuation (Daniel J. Solove)  
41. The wealth of networks (Yochai Benkler)  
42. Google: search engine optimization (Google)
43. Master of marketing (Michael Enlow)
44. How to write a marketing plan (Peter Geisheker)
45. What is social media? (Antony Mayfield)
46. Effective internet presence (Ted Demopoulo)
47. Introduction to goog usability (Peter Pixel)
48. We have a website. Now what? (Craig Rentmeester)
49. Free culture (Lawrence Lessing)
50. The challenges of the digital era (Observatorio de la ilustración gráfica)  
51. Deep secrects os successful blogging (Chikita)  
52. Building a social media team (Altitude)
53. The simple web (Skellie)
54. The essencial guide of social media (Brian Solis)
55. Blogging on my mind (Nabil Khan)
56. How to presente with Twitter and other backchannels (Olivia Mitchell)
57. The definitive Twitter resource guide (Stephen e Alicia Pierce)  
58. The fall of PR & the rise of advertising (Stefan Engeseth)  
59. The word of mouth manual II (Dave Balter)
60. Social media: your organization and web 2.0 (Trevor Cook & Lee Hopkins)
61. Mobile tools reviewed (rjionline.org)
62. Mobile journalism in the Asian region (Stephen Quinn)
63. Facebok pages guide (allfacebook.com)  
64. Oh my Gog what happened and what should I do? (Innovative Thunder)
65. Social media in the arab world (Jeffrey Ghannam)
66. Reuters handbook of journalismo (Reuters)
67. Geek´s guide to promoting yourself with Twitter (Geek Preneur)
68. The art and science of social media and community relations (Brian Solis)
69. Online journalism: research methods (eds. Marcos Palacios and Javier Noci)

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